Rejuvenate Your Smile with Dental Implants in Spencer & Sturbridge

happy mature couple outdoorsWe understand that it can be frustrating to deal with the inconveniences of missing teeth. If you've been looking for an effective dental treatment to restore your smile's function and aesthetics, dental implants may be perfect for you. Dr. Steven P. Goguen has placed dental implants and implant-supported restorations with care and accuracy at SPG Dental since 1996. He has undergone extensive training to provide you with the personalized dental care you deserve.

At SPG Dental, we take the time to understand your unique needs and provide you with a range of options to fill the gaps in your smile. We’re proud to enhance the dental health of patients from Sturbridge, Auburn, Brookfield, Worcester, and the surrounding communities. Our team looks forward to crafting your dream smile through our high-quality, accessible dental treatments. Get in touch with our office in Spencer today to learn more about dental implants and whether they are the correct treatment for you!


What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are titanium-crafted artificial tooth roots fused with your jawbone. They mimic the natural structure of a healthy tooth and are capable of supporting a range of restorations that allow us to replace one or more missing teeth. Your implant bonds naturally with your jawbone to create a durable, long-lasting base for your prosthetic teeth.

How the Dental Implant Process Works

dental implant illustrationDr. Goguen has undergone extensive training at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Spear Campus, Dawson Academy, and Pankey Institute to provide you with an efficient, personalized dental implant treatment at our Spencer practice. He has performed countless implant procedures and has the skillset and extensive experience to guide you through the process.

Our implant process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, and the structure of your jawbone. For a successful dental implant procedure, it's essential to have substantial jawbone material, be in good health, and not have active gum disease. After ensuring that you are a good candidate for the treatment, our dentist plans the size and placement of your implants. We use a cone beam (CT) scan to have vivid 3D images of the inside of your mouth. This assists us in precisely place your implants.

Dr. Goguen places your implants in a single surgical procedure. Our surgically guided implantology technique allows us to perform a minimally invasive procedure and focus on your comfort and well-being. After the procedure, we give you time to heal, and allow your implants to bond with your jawbone. When the recovery period has ended, our Spencer dentist places your prosthetic teeth to restore your smile.

Our In-House Membership Plan for Affordable Dental Implants

We believe that our community members should always have access to the high-quality dental services they need to maintain their standard of life. Our team knows how hard you worked throughout the year and wants to protect your hard-earned money by providing affordable treatments.

When you take advantage of our in-house membership plan, you benefit from comprehensive preventive dental care and discounts on our restorative and cosmetic services. We strive to provide excellent support and results that you can take pride in.

Meeting Your Needs with Various Implant-Supported Restorations

Whether you need to replace a single missing tooth or fill a sizeable gap in your smile, we have an appropriate implant-supported restoration. We can provide:

CEREC® Implant Crowns: An implant crown can be used to replace a single missing tooth. We use an in-office CEREC milling machine to create your crown out of a single block of porcelain. The finished crown matches your healthy teeth as best as possible and is sized to fit your smile. To secure it in place, our dentist carefully secures the crown to your implant's post.

Implant-Supported Bridges: If you need to fill a significant gap in your smile, we can provide you with an implant-supported bridge. This restoration consists of a set of implant crowns and prosthetic teeth secured by your dental implants. In addition to restoring your smile's appearance, your bridge also prevents your healthy teeth from moving out of alignment.

Implant-Retained Dentures: With a set of implant-retained dentures, you receive up to a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Since they are secured to your implants, your dentures won't slip when you talk or eat.

Bone Grafts & Sinus Lifts to Prepare You for Dental Implants

If you lack sufficient jawbone to undergo dental implant treatment, you may be an ideal candidate for a bone graft or sinus lift. A bone graft increases the volume of your jawbone so it can stabilize a dental implant. Sinus lifts are specific variations of bone grafts that reinforce your upper jaw. When you receive a sinus lift, we add a small amount of bone material between your mouth and sinuses. Should you have questions regarding these procedures, our team is happy to answer them.

Extractions to Preserve Your Oral Health

When possible, we strive to keep your natural teeth in place since doing so maintains your healthy dental structure. If you have an infected, or decayed tooth, we offer efficient extractions to preserve your oral health. Our dentist discusses the procedure and options for replacing your tooth in detail. That way, you can make an informed choice regarding your well-being. We generally recommend replacing an extracted tooth with a dental implant since it copies the organic tooth's structure and makeup.

Effective Dental Implant Services in Spencer

When it comes to protecting your smile, you can rely on Dr. Steven P. Goguen and his team to have your best interests at heart. Whether you require a full set of implant-retained dentures or a single implant crown, we have the training and skills to thoroughly meet your needs. Contact SPG Dental today so we can begin planning your implant treatment!



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